Jocist Women Seminar, Leuven, 27-28 October 2022


American Academy of Religion; University of Divinity, Melbourne; King’s College, London; KADOC – KU Leuven; Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies; Dondeynefonds, KU Leuven; LACIIR  (Latin American and the Caribbean  Interdisciplinary Initiative on  Religion),  Florida International University, Miami, Fl, USA; Australian Cardijn Institute, Perth, Australia.


As part of a wider project, this international workshop will explore whether and how Joseph Cardijn’s theological method, (“See-Judge-Act”) with its emphasis on the truth of experience, enabled significant contributions by women.


This seminar is aimed at researchers/academics working in fields such as contemporary Catholic history, history of worker movements, practical theology, Lived Catholicism; and others with lived experience of, or interest in movements inspired by Cardijn.

Two parts

The webinar will take place in two parts:

a) In-person sessions at KADOC, Leuven on Thursday 27 and Friday morning 28 October, and

b) An online seminar 3pm-7pm on Friday 28 October to enable international participation.


With a focus on the leaders and members of specialised Catholic Action and other movements inspired by the spirituality and methods of the Jeunesse Ouvrière Chrétienne (JOC), or in English YCW, we are asking:

  • Whether and how the Jocist emphasis on quotidian and apparently mundane experience shapes religious engagement for social change among Jocist women?
  • What enables and what constrains contributions to leadership by women in Jocist movements in diverse global contexts?
  • Whether and how the Jocist theological method broadens and subverts traditional gender assumptions?

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Registration at the workshop is free but participants will need to fund travel and accommodation.

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Project Team

Prof. Ana Maria Bidegain, Florida International University

Prof. Dr. Dries Bosschaert, KU Leuven

Ms Lorena Garcia Mourelle, University of Uruguay,

Dr Stefan Gigacz, University of Divinity

Dr Alana Harris, King’s College London

Dr Pat Jones, University of Durham

Mr Sam Kuijken, KADOC, Leuven, Belgium

Prof Katharine Massam, University of Divinity

Dr Charles Mercier, University of Bordeaux

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