Seminar Papers

“To make daily life vast and beautiful”: Jocist Women Leaders

Thursday 27 and Friday 28 October 2022

Zaal Couvreur, KU Leuven, Belgium

Thursday 27 October 2022

9.00am                       Opening and Welcome

Welcome from Prof Dr Kim Christiaens, KADOC

Introduction to the Project and the seminar: Dr Katharine Massam

A word from Dr Dries Bosschaert, Leuven Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies

9.30am                        Session 1:  Cardijn’s method: women, work and gender

                                    Chair: Dr Stefan Gigacz                     

Sam Kuijken: Jocist Women: Female Agency in the Archives and Beyond

Pat Jones: “We pledge ourselves to the masses of working girls”: the distinctive mission of the girls’ YCW in its founding decades

Pat Jones

10.45– 11.15am: Coffee break

Kiara Gigacz, Victoire Cappe, Cardijn and the See Judge Act

Kiara Gigacz

Katharine Massam: “Something more solid” : Margaret McGuire and Cardijn’s vision in the Australian lay apostolate

12.30pm          Lunch

2.30 pm                       Session 2: Women as students and leaders in the Cardijn Movements

                                    Chair: Dr Stefan Gigacz         

Charles Mercier and Bernard Giroux: The French Jeunesse étudiante chrétienne féminine: pathways of women activists (1930-1965)

Bernard Giroux & Charles Mercier

3.45pm            Break

4.30pm                        Session 3: Panel: Cardijn: relevance and contemporary Jocist experience

Chair: Dr Pat Jones

A panel of practitioners and specialists:

David McLoughlin: Theologian, member of Movement of Christian Workers (MCW), Birmingham, England.

Teresa Mourad: Former YCS leader, Singapore, IYCS Asia; Co-ordinator of Cardijn Associates, USA. Washington DC

Sarah Prenger: Outgoing president, International YCW.

Claire Barbay, Mentor, JEC, France

Joceline Minerve, Formerly of MIDADE, children’s Catholic Action movement.

Sample questions (tbc)

  1. What do we draw from Cardijn’s thought and the movements he inspired that is still relevant today?
  2. What was significant in Cardijn’s approach for women in particular?
  3. How far have we lost ‘the lay apostolate’ in contemporary Catholic narratives and experience?
  4. What can academic research offer that is useful here?

6.00pm            Closing remarks for Day 1

6.10pm            Close

7.30 pm           Dinner, MYKENE, Muntstraat 44, 3000 Leuven

Friday 28 October 2022

9.15 am Research Project

Dries Bosschaert and Maite Beukelaar: The Auxiliaries of the Apostolate

Maite Beukelaar and Dries Bosschaert

9.30 am                       Session 4:  Founders and Activists

Chair: Professor Katharine Massam

  • Joseph Paul & Glorene Das (Tenaganita) and Katrina Jorene:  Irene Fernandez, Aegile Fernandez and the struggle of migrant women workers
  • Roseanna Webster: The JOC’s Role in the Lives of Leading Activists Aida Fuentes Concheso and Mar Cambrollé in late Francoist Spain

10.30am – 10.45am    Coffee break

Lorena García Mourelle: The Revision of Life Method and its impacts on the women leaders of the Catholic Agrarian Youth in Uruguay in the 1960s

Camille Banse: “Every marriage is fundamentally a marriage between a sponge and a rock” : female gender roles in Catholic middle-class youth

Stefan Gigacz:   Marguerite Fiévez: From the Belgian JOCF to Vatican II and the Pontifical Council of the Laity.

Stefan Gigacz

12.00               Session 5: Resources for Remembering the Cardijn Movements

Professor Ana Maria Bidegain will lead a conversation about international archival sources, security of the repositories, strategies for gathering resources including oral histories, ephemera, other mixed mode additions, and the development of the online Historical Dictionary.

1.00:                Lunch

2.00                 Session 7: Evaluation and Future Plans

3.30                 Close

With thanks to our sponsors: Fonds Dondeyne, American Academy of Religion; King’s College, London; KADOC – KULeuven; LACIIR (Latin American and the Caribbean Interdisciplinary Initiative on Religion) – Florida Int University; Australian Cardijn Inst, Perth; Pilgrim Theological College, University of Divinity, Melbourne.